Save $10,600 per worker yearly

With Odyn AI Meetings Intelligence you can make your company stop losing vast amount of money in meetings

Transform meetings into Augmented Analytics

Unleash the Power of Data in Every Online Interaction! Are your virtual meetings just routine discussions? What if each interaction could be a catalyst for data-driven decisions, propelling your business to new heights?

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Stop losing your meetings data

Intelligent Reports

After every meeting, our AI Models automatically generate fully customized reports. The content of these reports is as unlimited as AI can be - they can range from identifying cognitive biases of a potential customer to analysis the performance of a candidate in a job interview.

Automated Annotation - GPT X Webflow Template

Augmented Analytics

Smart Labels - GPT X Webflow Template

Fully customized

Brain Technology

Interact with your meetings

Sentiment Analysis - GPT X Webflow Template

Sentiment analysis

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Language processing

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Feed Odyn AI models with your company's data

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Works In Mobile - GPT X Webflow Template

Company level

Our AI reports are a strategic compass, offering insights into growth opportunities and risks. Focused on market trends, risk mitigation, and employee engagement, they optimize operations and drive sustainable growth.

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Automated Annotation - GPT X Webflow Template

Team level

Tailored for departmental performance, our reports pinpoint opportunities, streamline processes, and analyze team dynamics. Actionable insights foster productivity, and resource allocation is optimized for operational excellence.

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Individual level

Personalized for success, our reports guide professional growth by identifying skill enhancements, communication styles, and goal alignment. Tailored recommendations empower individuals for personal and professional excellence.

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